About Us

About Us

Direct Selling Industry lead the charge in this new economy in India. This is realistic model in which customers register as in dependent distributor and sell product and build there own team.

This is aiming fulfills the dream of every individual associated with the company. Company network of registered distributors and consumers gets special benefits and opportunities due to our increasing dominance in the direct selling industry of our country.

By buying a product from Anjali's Sparsh, you are only buying product for your self usage and there is no investment or expectation of any kind of returns from your purchase.

We at Anjali's Sparsh, passionate to support Indian individuals to achieve sound health, not only physical but mental and financial also. we are committed to educate , engage and empower each and every individual who is determined for his overall well being and excellence. Life is a long journey from Human Being to Being Human. We are moving and join us to cover the distance.

- Network Marketing is taking a decision and sticking to it!” “Networking isn't how many people you know, it's how many people know you.” “Network Marketing allows anyone the opportunity, with little investment, to build their own residual income. “An entrepreneur with strong network makes money even when he is asleep.”

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Our Mission & Vision

Our mission and vision is to create a Global Enterprise that is rooted in India and promotes an ancient Healing and Wellness Science that is truly Indian . We strive at providing people an opportunity to own and operate a Business that is truly Global, yet rooted on Values and Principles. By making Ayurveda the driving force of Wellness, by providing Products, Supplements and Services that have been ‘Validated by Science and Modern Technology’, and by creating Entrepreneurs who have been ‘Propelled by Education’, we believe, we can give a new face to Direct Selling Model by adding a ‘Sense of Pride’ to the people involved. We aim to be the Pioneers in propagating the Science of Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Products, Supplements and Services.

Income & Flexbility

You can start your business today and immediately make money by selling products. Or, you can build your own team and increase your earnings over time as you prepare them to grow too.

No previous experience of sales or building a business? Don’t worry, we got your back every step of your journey. We provide your business with digital tools and your own online store. You get access to trainings & workshops – everything you need to succeed and reach your goals.

Travel & Celebrate

Want to see the world? As an Anjalis consultant you can join national &international business conferences where we’ll recognize your success. You will also meet and get inspired by other Anjalis consultants from across the country.

Our View

Because we’re Indian, we have a different view on beauty and the way we develop our products. From the very beginning, we always considered the combination of nature and science to be an important part of how we do things and to offer people safe, reliable and effective products. This is what we’ve built our reputation on.

Inspired by Nature

Our nature has always played an important role for us. The plants that live and survive in our harsh Nordic climate – withstanding cold, dark winters and short, intense summers – inspire us and when creating our products, we let nature lead the way. We were amongst the first in the world to create cosmetics made from natural extracts such as Sandal and Turmeric extract – decades before others started doing so.

Today we continue to respect and understand the potency and benefits that natural ingredients offer – whether that’s working with plant stem cells or using natural exfoliates in our rinse-off products. In fact, all of our extracts are sourced from nature and every ingredient we use undergoes our rigorous Eco-Ethical Screening to assess their quality, safety and source. So we ensure it’s good for you and doesn’t harm the planet either.

Powered by science

With our experience, we deliver high quality, easy to understand, high-performance products, created with cutting edge science and through dedicated and often groundbreaking research. We are constantly searching for better solutions and technologies in order to create innovative products that perform, whilst being respectful of you and of nature. Our technologies and innovations are often complemented with clinically proven product performance tests.

Our supply chain experts cover a variety of disciplines and areas of expertise including, but not limited to: Formulation Science, Chemistry, Skin Science (physiology and biology), Skin Ageing and Analysis, Food Science, Nutritional Science, Clinical Testing and Instrumentation. These experts, along with our state-of-the-art Research and Development facilities, allow us to create safer, better products for our consumers.

How to Join

There is no cost on starting the Anjali business. You need to be sponsored in the business by an already existing Anjali Business Owner.

Anjali Business Opportunity is flexible, it can be taken as a part time or full time business. It is accessible virtually by anyone interested in operating an independent business.

It works in two-fold. Giving yourself a chance to build your own business at your pace and achieve the rewards and recognition linked to the plan and at the same time, helping other people do the same.