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How to raise the grievance

The subscribers can raise grievances through the following modes:

Registration of grievances:

(i) Grievances received through phone call:

(ii) Grievances received through written communication:


An acknowledgement shall be sent to the complainant within three working days of the receipt of the grievance. Acknowledgement shall contain Date of receipt of complaint/grievance, Unique Grievance Number, Expected date for resolution of grievance, Name, Designation and Contact details of Officer, Grievance escalation matrix with contact details and address and manner and mode of tracking resolution of grievance/complaint with the Unique Grievance Number. In case the complaint received does not pertain to the intermediary, the complaint shall be transferred to the concerned intermediary within three working days, under intimation to the complainant. In case the complaint pertains to activity of more than one intermediary, then the complaint shall be transferred to each of such intermediary involved, provided however that resolution time shall not exceed 30 days from the date of the receipt of the complaint from the complainant.

Redressal of Grievance

The complaint letter / email should contain the PRAN/ Application number/ other relevant reference number, Complainant’s name, address and contact details, copies of supporting documents, wherever applicable.

All the complaints shall be registered in CGMS and in the Grievance Register of the Organization and shall be assigned a unique reference number.

If the grievance is resolved within three working days, the resolution shall be communicated along with the acknowledgement to the complainant.

The complaint shall be addressed as early as possible and within a maximum of 30 days of the receipt of the complaint.

All complaints shall be escalated to the next higher level of authority within the organization for cases which are pending for resolution for more than two (2) weeks from the date of sending acknowledgement. Cases which are escalated will be dealt with and monitored by the Chief Grievance Redressal Officer (CGRO) of the Organization.

The Grievance Redressal Officer (GRO) would monitor the resolution of complaints received by the Organization and periodically put up the same for review by the Senior Management.

The Grievance Redressal Policy is accessible to all and it ensures that information is readily available on the modalities of making and resolving complaints. This policy is available on the website and also at the offices of this organization.

Complaint details will be kept confidential and shall be shared with other organizations / regulatory authorities only if in accordance with the relevant laws and the subscriber will be kept apprised about the same. Sharing of information otherwise will only be done with a written consent of the subscriber and the same will be done only in circumstances where the input of an external agency / organisation is necessary for resolving the complaint.

All complaints shall be monitored and marked as closed only after resolution of the subscriber grievance.

The complaint shall be treated as closed if the complainant has not responded within forty- five days of the receipt of the written response from the organization

Resolution of Grievance

The subscriber/complainant shall be intimated on resolution of grievance/complaint. The intimation of resolution shall contain the Date of receipt of complaint/grievance, Unique Grievance Number, Name, Designation and Contact details of Officer signing the communication, procedure of representing the mater (contact details and address) and further right to approach higher authority in case of non- satisfactory resolution of grievance, within the time specified in the regulation.

Closure of grievance:

Every grievance shall be disposed of within a period of thirty days of its receipt and a final reply shall be sent to the complainant, containing details of resolution or rejection of the complaint, with reasons thereof recorded in writing. A grievance shall be considered as disposed of and closed in any of the following instances, namely: