Welcome To Anjali's Sparsh

Director's Desk

Prof. Maitreyee Mallick,

Managing Director

Competition is a part and parcel of life. The world is now a game of numbers and ranks. Employment is one of the biggest challenges of these times. While some succeed at this number game, there is a majority that does not.
Having been in the Education industry for a long time, I have seen the rise and fall of students. Getting a job is the first problem and the second is, holding on to that job. Some succeed at the first step and fail at the second.
My focus has always been on the students who have taken a back-foot. Sounds strange, doesn't it? Why would I waste my time on those who couldn't succeed? This is what the entire idea of our venture is all about.
After talking to these students, I realized that a lot of them have huge potential for entrepreneurship. They can be their own bosses and build their own empires. However, the major problem in their journey is the lack of belief that their family members have in their idea of being an entrepreneur.
A 9-5 job is seen as safe and secure, irrespective of the salary that it draws but not everyone is meant for a regular job. You could be making a lot of money in a business module but everything needs support, motivation and funding and these are never easy to find.
I decided to extend my brand, Anjali's Sparsh to these young minds. My greatest desire has always been to develop the skill of entrepreneurship in young people and nurture them. In short, to offer employment opportunities to all those who want to think out of the box; who do not want to fit in.
Anjali's Sparsh belongs to the Direct Selling Industry. We have a network of registered distributors who get special benefits by being a part of it. They have their own team; their list of products and they will sell these products through a network. We want to educate, employ and empower the youth of this country.