Welcome To Anjali's Sparsh

Scope of Business

First we should learn to dream and then only we can chase it. Dreaming high is no sin, it is the first step t o success. We at Anjali’s Sparsh teach everyone to dream for a wonderful life not only for themselves but for the society as a whole. One cannot be happy unless the people close to you are also happy. So this is the joy of Direct Selling ----Grow With Others. We request all our associates to read and understand our business plan and also be well versed with all the opportunities inside it.

Our marketing plan has been so designed to give an equal business opportunity to all our associates. The Plan ensures that everyone earns in proportions to the efforts they put in. Your income is enhanced by Twin Bonuses, combining your downlines performance. Your leadership makes more stronger downline, leading you closer to your dream – A more Successful YOU.

Marketing Plan

As we all know more the sugar, tastier the sweet is. So is our plan, carefully hand crafted by industry veterans to compensate you for every effort you put in to fulfill your dream. A cumulative plan where you are never dropped from the level of achievement and keep on adding your earlier efforts as you proceed further.

9 Ways of Income

Direct Referral Bonus

Joining Twin Performance Bonus

Star Director Bonus

Joining Global Director Bonus

Retail Discount Bonus

Self Repurchase Bonus

Repurchase Twin Performance Bonus

Repurchase Director Bonus

Repurchase Global Director Bonus

Steps to successful


Pamper yourself with the wellness of Anjali’s Sparsh product


Refer the wellness to others


Be happy in other’s happiness


Be a part of Smiling Society